Assessing The Cause And Risk

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Assessing The Cause And Risk

Assessing The Cause And Risk:

We are exposed to a number of plastic products in everyday life, knowing what we are dealing with gives us a better shot at preventing or minimising the health hazards. Obviously, people do not ingest plastic products knowingly, but toxic chemicals are being ingested by people unknowingly due to such diverse applications of plastic products. According to the best IVF clinic in India, the food being served in plastic plates, containers, packaged food being supplied, wrapped in plastic sheets, beverages being served in plastic bottles, cups or glasses, all of these provide the medium Crate Plastic Mould for the harmful chemicals to enter your body and thus leaving hazardous effects.

In an experiment conducted by researchers, it was revealed that eggs exposed to BPA degenerated, underwent an abnormal process of “spontaneous activation” where the eggs acts as fertilised when actually they are not.

Among many health hazards which these chemicals could cause, the most noticeable one is, Infertility.BPA also hinders the cell division process which in turn affects pregnancy; causing birth defects and developmental problems in children. Therefore, plastics provide contributing factors for infertility in both men and women.

Bisphenol A, or BPA, a chemical found in plastics poses risks for infertility, cancer, diabetes and birth defects.Store food in stainless steel or ceramic containers and not plastic ones.

Not only is plastic harmful for the but is equally harmful for humans as well.Drink from a food grade stainless steel or glass bottle instead of a plastic one. If it is a plastic bottle make sure it is BPA free.

How To Avert:

Though it is difficult to completely avoid using plastic products in our time, we could still follow a few steps to ensure a healthy lifestyle:

Opt for fresh or frozen food, be it meat or produce, instead of canned food or food in plastic bags. It acts as an artificial estrogen and disrupts the entire hormonal system. Results also concluded the eggs matured abnormally, indicating birth defects such as Down’s Syndrome. BPA can also curb the ability of eggs to attach to the uterine lining, among many other ill effects.Refrain from reheating your food in plastic containers especially in a microwave as the waves produced releases a huge amount of toxins in your food. The chemicals released into the food and beverages because of being stored in plastic products can cause infertility, disrupt the immune system and hormone regulation in both, men and women.

Plasticizers, substances added to increase longevity, durability of plastics, such as Pthalates, when exposed to women during pregnancy have shown to cause reproductive disorders in male offspring, such as reduced sperm count and fertility as it decreases the production of testosterone by the testes of the male foetus.

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Assessing The Cause And Risk